Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Ensure that customers can easily find your solutions with strategic digital marketing initiatives.

Our team will conduct a detailed analysis of your organization’s site to create recommendations that will support your growing business.

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This is why VALiNTRY began our own Digital Marketing and SEO practice – to do it right. We consider our Customers like Partners and we immerse ourselves in their business processes and target audiences before making any recommendations.

Our team understands that for success, advertising must be targeted at the correct audience. We begin every Partnership with a detailed analysis of your current site by a Search Engine Consultant expert. From most audits, we conclude that a Partner’s site is not keyword rich enough – meaning, the search engines cannot target exactly what you’re selling, based on the general nature of your website content.

After initial consultations and analysis of your website, VALiNTRY will customize a results-oriented service package tailored to your goals and timeline:

  • Professionally written content  optimized for attracting search engines and target customers
  • Powerful Press Releases with links back to your site
  • Posts on highly trafficked blogs that promote your products or services
  • Regular blog posts ghostwritten by professional writers
  • Keyword research that identifies what your Clients are searching for
  • Conversion websites that are highly optimized to deliver leads to your inbox and phone
  • Social Bookmarking services that show search engines how to find your site
  • Social Media training for your team
  • On-page optimization that tells search engines which pages are the best to show in their results
  • WordPress configuration that helps you build your site correctly
  • Recruitment: Job Syndication services that optimize your spend with job aggregators like Indeed and SimplyHired to deliver the hardest to find candidates for the least cost per hire.
  • Link building services that deliver amazing results
  • Pay Per Click advertising management by our Google Partner certified team, including
    • Remarketing that keeps your brand message in front of site visitors after they leave, and drives them back to your website
    • Advanced Content Targeting delivers relevant visitors to your website
    • Optimized Budget Management that ensures you are getting the most ROI. We optimize and tweak each client’s accounts – every single week! We also include detailed reporting so you understand how and why your budget was spent the way it was.
    • Guaranteed Video Advertising ensures the viewer watched your video advertisement, so you don’t pay for those who skip ads
    • Audience Building, Targeting and Management is a new tactic that involves pinpointing targets, only showing advertising to that group to reduce costs and improve results

We know that these approaches work because we successfully use them with our own business.  If you take shortcuts with SEO, your site will be punished. Content goes hand in hand with SEO. We understand that you’re busy growing your business and don’t have time to write content, let alone write “great content!” VALiNTRY doesn’t just make recommendations, we actually execute the work that we recommend for your site.

Every client receives  detailed reporting at least once a month and our experts will explain our process so you understand what you’re paying for and how it will help you win.

“In less than 6 months, our traffic has increased almost 400%, our Twitter audience has increased 500%, and we are reaching our niche, relevant audience” – Confidential Digital Marketing Client

Our Google Partnership Badge signifies that Google recognizes VALiNTRY as an knowledgeable and trusted expert, able to manage your Google AdWords campaigns. It also ensures that VALiNTRY follows Google’s recommended best practices to help our Clients get the most out of their campaigns with frequent analysis and updates. This also allows us to offer exclusive discounts to our Clients that non-partners do not receive. Contact us now for a $25 off your first $100 spent.

Valintry has earned the Google Partner Badge