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Sr. Audit Manager – Alpharetta/Atlanta in Alpharetta, GA

Sr. Audit Manager – Alpharetta/Atlanta
1. EXCEPTIONAL TENURE!! 12+ Years with the same TOP 10 National Firm!!
2. Currently Managing 1.5Mil in business
3. Looking/Available because current firm is too top heavy and his path to partnership is blocked due to lack of firm growth potential.
4. Wants key role as a Sr. Audit Manager or Audit Director within a great firm with great culture and opportunity for advancement/Path to Partnership
5. Excellent Performance Reviews, Extremely strong in all categories – 4 out of 5’s
6. LOVES business development Excels in BIZDEV presentations and meetings
7. 7+ Years of Origination and Business Development – Perfect for Helping a firm with their developmental methodology
8. 10+ Years of Review Experience
9. 10+ Years of Engagement Running Experience
10. 10+ Years of Supervisory Experience Loves Internal Staff Development
11. Significant experience mentoring/coaching a staff Part of a mentoring and career advisory team Go-To person for internal office presentations
12. Total Annual Hours 2750 Total Billing hours 1400-1600
13. Billed out between $350-450/hr.
14. Current Utilization Breakdown = 55-60% Billable, 15-20% Admin, 5% Career Advising, 10-15% BizDev
15. Preferred Utilization = 25-30% BizDev, 10% Admin & Career Advising, 55-60% Billable
16. Industry Experience = Industrial Products and Financial Technology, Sin-Tech, Consumer Products, Non-Profit, & Technology – Member of the National Sin-Tech Team, Leader of the National Industrial Equipment Dealer Team.
17. Industry Preference = Open
18. Available 30 Days from confirmed offer
19. Active CPA in GA & MD