Database of Technology Consultants Exceeds 100k

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(Winter Park, FL) – As employers search for more flexible solutions for completing their Information technology projects on-time and on budget, they have turned to outside consultants and contract labor. Valintry Services has positioned itself to be an industry leader. “In fact, we are proud to announce our database of technology consultants to source talent has exceeded 100,000 professionals in less than six months,” said Brent Healy, Vice President of Valintry Services, based in Winter Park, FL.

According to a study released by software company Intuit, it’s estimated that by 2020, more than 40% of the US workforce, or 60 million people, will not be working for an employer in a conventional W-2 relationship. When last the government took notice, the number of independent and contingent workers, contractors, temps, and the self-employed stood at 42.6 million, or about 30% of the workforce. These numbers, which include a large group of IT professionals, prove that the technology contracting trend is accelerating.

A multitude of factors are fueling this growth, and Healy mentions that resource flexibility and response times are two of the motivators. Providing IT Staffing and Consulting solutions, Healy states his firm links technology, people and operations. Explains Healy, “We offer a triple-pronged approach to transformational problem solving. Sometimes, yes, the problem is a matter of finding the right person for the job. Other times, it’s a matter of combining the right operational strategies, legacy systems and people with the latest in social technologies, software/hardware, cloud computing, and big data. That’s where we step in. We help clients tackle their unique tech challenges.”

Healy emphasizes the power of their curated database of more than 100,000 highly qualified IT/technology consultants. The company uses a mix of technology solutions to syndicate their clients’ needs to thousands of websites to attract passive and active job seekers that Valintry then screens and selects to address the specific needs of each client at exactly the right time, saving the customer time and money. He says that, “This gives us the ability to provide ‘needle in a haystack’ candidates with a quick turnaround. Our US-based recruitment team is another competitive advantage and we can also service customers nationwide from offices in Orlando, Nashville, and Dallas.” He states typical job titles they staff include Software Developer, Software Engineer, DBA, Telecom Engineer, Systems Analyst, Systems Engineer, .NET/C# Programmer, Java Developer, and SQL Architect.

“We’ve made it simple for companies to submit work orders with our Valintry’s IT job order submission form on our website. We’ll respond with our best matches in just one business day,” says Healy. “In fact, we encourage business owners to Meet the Valintry Team and learn how we can help mainstream a company’s operations. We are committed to a company’s success, companies who are fighting operational complexities, increasing regulations, and the rising costs of doing business. We do this by providing a combination of ideas, technology, and people to help the company dominate in their industry.”

About Valintry Services:

Valintry’s 100% US based recruitment and support team is changing the game in IT, Finance, Accounting and Marketing contract and consulting services. Valintry is a national values-based company bound by common values and purpose efficiently delivering people, process and technology in an industry-leading pace to assist their clients with their toughest projects.

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