20 Tips to Prepare your Business for Hurricane Irma

  9/8/17    Posted in News

As the southeastern United States braces itself for the impending impact of Hurricane Irma, our team has created a checklist to help your organization prepare and minimize the storm’s impact on your business. A category 5 hurricane with winds up to 180 MPH, there are a wide array of challenges that may arise when the storm makes landfall. If your business doesn’t already have a disaster recovery plan in process, utilize our checklist to aid in preparation of the storm.

  1. Define your organization’s most critical assets
  2. Identify the items that are most important to your organization including:
    • Computer servers that are mission critical
    • Computer workstations
    • Local computer account passwords
    • Vendor information
  3. Determine how long your organization thinks that it will take to recover from the hurricane
  4. Take inventory of your business assets
  5. In the case of a power outage, determine which business functions should be back online first
  6. Plan on what is needed to ensure the safe recovery of mission critical systems
  7. Identify an alternate storage location if your infrastructure needs to be relocated
  8. Create an accurate network diagram to help guide technicians that may have to reconstruct your network at an alternate site
  9. Determine a plan for communicating with employees
  10. Plan the how to keep your network running
  11. Identify a back plan if there is a system failure and your organization has to go manual
  12. Establish a telephone number for employees and clients to call to determine if work is open
  13. Identify who will be on call at your organization
  14. Unplug and cover all electronic equipment, including phones and computers, with dry bags to keep them dry and unaffected from moisture
  15. Bring any laptops or portable devices home
  16. Bolt down servers
  17. Contact your IT vendor or internal IT staff to ensure all your files are secure in an off site storage facility or service
  18. Prepare to document anything that has been damaged after the storm
  19. Move items away from the windows
  20. Remain calm


If you organization is working with local vendors, communicate with them to understand what their plan is for the storm. Remember our team is here to assist you in any way and utilize our checklist to help ensure that business is as prepared as possible.