Is Your Business Poised to Take Advantage of Future Technology Trends?

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Emerging markets, combined with revolutionary changes in technology, dictate significant changes in marketing strategies become the norm, rather than the exception, in the future. Digitalization does, and will increasingly, guide the direction and scope of change. To garner a better understanding of the forces at play, 75 CIOs from the Dallas / Fort Worth region recently attended a Gartner conference to explore the issues facing IT and operations professionals. Along with the metroplex area CIOs, Valintry’s VP of Business Development for the Southwest, Chris Blair, was also in attendance to stay abreast of what Gartner terms the “Next Digital Nexus.”

What are the Key Issues Facing Leaders?

The Gartner presentation suggested focusing on, in their words, the Nexus of Forces Scenario, the challenges and opportunities facing today’s businesses, and the role of IT leaders in exploring methodologies for exploiting the quickly developing trends. Conference attendees were provided with information on the evolution of IT and how the changes from focusing on technology and efficiency to a new model, where digitalization is totally transforming how organization leaders view their business models.

Gartner’s presentations also intimated the reality that IT consulting will be a crucial component for transitioning to a global market with vastly different needs and expectations. The importance of flexibility over pure strategy will be a hallmark of the nexus of forces described by the conference speakers. Tomorrow’s technology consulting professionals will play a comprehensive role in the design and implementation of systems to leverage the extreme networking, pervasive access, global class delivery, and big, rich context elements Gartner’s presenters described.

How Will the Roles of Leaders Evolve to Meet New Needs?

Digitalization and the cultural differences of geographically disparate demographic groups making up today’s global market demand leadership styles evolve if businesses are to thrive. Gartner’s presenters opined that CIOs must be visionaries, but maintain an ability to provide coaching as well as encourage collaboration among team members. Company leaders will need to embrace the importance of training at all levels to take advantage of the new dynamic.

Embracing the incorporation of consultants is part of the visionary process. New ideas feed process improvements and encourage innovation to leverage cultural differences rather than losing market share to other, more flexible organizations. IT staff augmentation is enhanced when diversity pushes concepts in new directions, exploring multiple options rather than limiting them to entrenched methods.

To What Extent Will Mobile Devices Influence Changes?

Digitalization is dominated by the rapid migration to mobile devices. While traditional computers will remain important in most markets, the pervasive move to mobile device will likely be even more visible in emerging markets. As the cost of mobile devices decreases and their functionality expands, the creation of digital platforms to take advantage of the burgeoning mobile market will become increasingly important. The IT consulting professionals will add value as the roles of smart devices force businesses to re-evaluate how they support the change to a mobile-based market.

Is Cloud-Based Technology a Part of the Coming Changes?

Gartner’s presenters pointed out the importance of flexibility to meet emerging marketing demands. While many organizations already use cloud-based services to streamline their operations, other companies continue to rely on site-based equipment. Security is often cited as a rationale for adhering to old technology, but that argument is rapidly falling into disfavor as enhanced encryption techniques are put in place. IT experts, including Gartner’s speakers, routinely suggest utilizing cloud-based facilities rather than investing heavily in on-site systems, as cloud-based alternatives allow companies to ramp up systems rapidly while, at the same time, allowing them to respond quickly to changing conditions.

Where Do Security Concerns Come Into Play?

CIO Research suggests security will continue to be an issue but, by integrating additional layers of security, sensitive data will be safer from both internal and external threats. IT specialists, when given the opportunity, can weave protective measures into the overall design of a system, limiting the potential for viruses and other threats to endanger valuable or sensitive data.

There is no question that, as the Gartner speakers suggested, IT trends will change dramatically in the future. In fact, the roles of CIOs are already being questioned. CIOs must be at the forefront of change, not simply responding to it. CIOs must be articulate leaders, pushing innovation in all areas. IT consultants will be instrumental in all aspects of the coming digitalization revolution. By tapping the skills of top IT consultants from Valintry, CIOs can rapidly respond to changing global market demands. Talk advantage of current and upcoming trends by contacting IT consulting experts today.

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