Data Scientist

The Data Scientist will be a services developer with experience implementing complex algorithms around complex data analytics.

  1. Ability to read and understand algorithm documentation. 
  2. Data Analytics- Machine Learning – Multi Linear regressions.
  3. Experience with C#, .Net, Python, or PHP 
  4. Nice to haves- Any experience with Rapid Miner, Excel or AWS would be strong pluses. 

Experience with one or more of the following:

  • Finite Element Modeling
  • Fluid Flow and Storage models (some chemistry experience helpful)
  • Multiple Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, and ANOVA
  • Generalized Linear Models (GLM)
  • Discrete Time Series Models (e.g. forecasts)
  • Signal Processing (Noise Reduction)
  • Telemetry and Metrology
  • Supervised machine learning methods (decision trees, classification, anomaly detection)
  • Unsupervised machine learning methods (K-NN, Cobweb, SOM)
  • Dynamic Programming optimization methods
  • Linear Programming, and non-linear to linearizable techniques, e.g. basis transformations
  • Statistical Quality Control (SPRT, CUSUM, Shewhart, p-charts)
  • Discrete Event Simulation Modeling, esp. using empirical distribution functions for event generation
  • Model Validation methods (e.g. cross validation)
  • Data Cleaning, Conditioning, Feature Generation, and Sampling
  • Algorithm Complexity Analysis

For immediate response please forward resumes to [email protected]
Kaley Cook
IT Recruiting Manager
(Direct) 407-205-1129
(Office) 800-360-1407
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Applicants for this opportunity must have an unrestricted right to work in the United States.
[Persons in H-l, L-l, and OPT EAD status do not have unrestricted right to work.]

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