Senior Technology Support Advisor

Seeking Technical Support Consultant in Tampa, FL

  • Seeking an experienced employee to manage the company's Technical Support and Consultancy Services for a rapidly growing list of customers and prospects. 
  • Working directly with the Customer Care Manager in servicing their single most important asset: their customers. 
  • Take part in building the customer retention program
  • Delivering technical support and consultancy services to the clients and supporting clients when they have difficulties or questions.
  • Smart customers, complex deployment scenarios and deep utilization of the company’s software will challenge you every day.
  • Part of a rapidly growing team of people working to deliver world class services.
  • The customer care team and the CTO will take care of all your training requirements, and you will report directly to the Customer Care Manager.
  • Several times a year the selected candidate will have the opportunity to join the rest of the company’s team at conventions around the world. These are typically 3-4 day trade shows meeting both existing customers, partners and new prospects. This year they went to Phoenix, San Diego, the Hague, Bangkok, Dubrovnik.


  • Enjoy working with highly skilled and smart people.
  • You have a great sense of humor, and you love to take part in the discussions surrounding the product, the customers and potential clients.

Furthermore, you have the following characteristics:

  • Support skills:
  1. You have probably worked or are still working as a consultant or a technical supporter in a large company but miss the feedback that comes from following each case from cradle to grave.
  2. You are familiar with the Microsoft platform and you have no problem installing a server, setting up an internet server, deploying new software, resolving availability and security issues or setting up a SharePoint site. 
  3. You love new technology and you probably spend your evenings working on your home network, setting up new software.
  • Eager helping people solve their problems:
  1. You love getting the right answers to the questions, and the positive feedback you get from your clients make you happy.
  2. You do not mind spending an hour solving small problems to the perfection of the client.
  3. You want direct access to developers and tech resources.
  • You are a people person:
  1. Even though you are a tech-wiz and even though almost all your communication take place over e-mail, you really are a people person.
  2. You like to interact with people.
  3. You are curious in nature and it just makes your day to have engaged with people around the globe, whether it is a support, consultancy task or a remote session with a developer who needs to integrate 3rd content.
  • A natural in software:
  1. You are great at learning new tools, systems and are well versed in the following technologies:
  • Windows Server, A/D, Azure, SharePoint, Internet Information Server.
  • You are not a programmer, but you understand the basics of programming in JavaScript.
  • You are always the guy who sets up home-pages for your friends and understand HTML. 
  • You understand the basics of ERP from sales, orders, invoices to customers, general ledger.
  • You have probably had a support background in ERP.
  • You are not a tech consultant, you are not a programmer, and you are not a supporter.
  • One of a kind:
  1. You are truly one of a kind.
  2. Your joy in your work life comes from helping people do great things.
  3. You do not like budgets. However, if anything inspires you, you really need to share that with everyone around you.
  4. You are enthusiastic and you have a nice sounding voice and a good pace when you talk. People can feel your enthusiasm when you speak. Even over the phone.
  • Great English and communication skills:
  1. Your English is fluent, and your vocabulary is wide and deep. You do not have to be accent free. However, your grammar is perfect as is your pronunciation. Hopefully, you also speak German at a high level. 
  2. You do not mind working in multiple time zones and on occasion doing a demo at late in the afternoon or early evening, providing that you are compensated with non-working time the next day.
  3. You do not see glory in working long hours. And you demand that your work day is interesting.

 What the Company Offers:

  • You will be offered plenty of challenges every day and everybody is highly skilled at their job. Rapid growth, you have the possibility to grow both in technical and personal aspects. Flexible workplace where they value high worklife balance for everyone.  

Please note:

  • This client is not accepting candidates submitted by other staffing firms or agencies at this time.  
  • For immediate response please forward resumes to d[email protected]
  • For a list of our current openings please visit Valintry's Jobs Webpage


Very Best,

Dan Martinek 
IT Recruiting Manager
(Direct) 407-205-1127
(Cell) 407-616-4619
(Office) 800-360-1407
1201 S. Orlando Ave., Suite 440   Winter Park, FL 32789

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