Staff Accountant

Staff Accountant – Birmingham AL

General Responsibilities
Staff Accountant I is responsible to be alert to the interest of clients and of the Firm and the profession. This requires the development of technical skills and personal qualifications, including the following:

  1. A well-rounded knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and generally accepted auditing standards as defined in accounting and auditing literature.
  2. A working knowledge of Federal and state income tax laws and regulations at a level sufficient for the preparation of tax returns.
  3. An awareness of current developments in the accounting profession.
  4. The ability to speak and write effectively.
  5. Professional appearance in attitude, dress, poise and conduct.
  6. Establishing a practice of accuracy in dealing with information (numeric and alphabetic).
  7. Develop proficiency in use of available resources (e.g., Firm manuals, computer software, etc.)

Job Responsibilities
Some of the responsibilities of a staff accountant are listed below:

  1. Assist with the study and evaluation of internal accounting controls.
  2. Test compliance with internal controls when their evaluation has shown they can be relied upon if, in fact, they are working.
  3. Prepare financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  4. Examine client reconciliations of bank accounts and investigate discrepancies.
  5. Examine client reconciliations of subsidiary accounts to controls.
  6. Schedule computations of accruals and document the underlying support for those accruals.
  7. Prepare schedule of write-offs of prepaid expenses and deferred charges.

College degree with a major or concentration in accounting Total of 150 hours of credit
Currently pursuing CPA License
Strong verbal and written communication skills Overnight travel will be necessary

Carla Wright
1201 S. Orlando Avenue, Suite 440
Winter Park, FL 32789
T: 941.417.5505 | M: 941.504.3752
E: [email protected]

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