IT Consulting and Staffing

IT related skills and capabilities of job seekers are determining factors where unique needs are present. VALiNTRY focuses on recruiting individuals with the requisite skills necessary to meet the specialized needs of IT and Finance/Accounting positions across the country. Our IT staffing services are geared towards attracting top candidates that meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Our values-based approach guides the organization.

At VALiNTRY, we believe in providing the absolute best service for clients, candidates, and our employees. Our team values integrity and strives to always achieve the best outcomes for our clients. We emphasize innovation and strive to identify new ways to solve the challenges our clients are facing.

Consulting services are key to achieving business success.

VALiNTRY assists clients in evaluating needs, planning new projects, and analyzing data. Coupling this with digital marketing and search engine optimization, staff augmentation can quickly move an organization to the next level.

Technology makes it possible for organizations to tackle obstacles that, only a short time ago, appeared insurmountable. Well-executed technology staffing is invaluable, our team continually reaches out to recruit the nation’s talented experts. VALiNTRY’s IT recruiters evaluate each organization’s needs and uses our nationwide reach to identify the personnel to make an businesses investment in technology generate a ROI while enhancing its overall business goals.

IT consulting services will benefit your organization

With the constantly evolving challenges facing organizations today, IT consulting experts utilize a variety of strategies to move organizations forward. No company can afford to be complacent with other organizations always improving their offerings. Utilizing all the tools available, including enhancing a web presence and staffing the best IT personnel will keep companies at the top and help new organizations gain a foothold in an ever-changing business environment.

Fill Open Positions With Help From an IT Staffing Company

With the demand for IT professionals lagging behind the supply, companies are using a variety of options to fill open positions. While online resources like Linkedin and job boards continue to be somewhat effective, there are times when the best candidates don’t seem to be seeking jobs on those sites. That is where IT Staffing Company professionals are most often needed. Recruiting professionals take a somewhat different approach to identifying potential job candidates for those unique positions requiring an ideal blend of talent and experience.

There is a shortage of IT professionals

In a word, yes. While some issues continue to get by without significant issues, others are experiencing problems attracting candidates to fill positions. While healthcare, automobile, and grocery industries are famously short of IT talent, other industries are also finding it difficult to locate the right people to fill specific positions. As technologies used continue to evolve rapidly, even companies not currently experiencing significant issues may find themselves shorthanded as industry technology bypasses the expertise of current staff members.

IT staffing organizations are different from internal HR departments

HR department personnel wear a variety of hats including payroll, governmental regulations compliance, and employee benefit plan support. In many cases, HR departments simply don’t have the resources needed to recruit top candidates. IT Staffing Company experts, on the other hand, play a unique role in locating job-specific candidates not actively seeking jobs on job boards, Linkedin, or other job-related sites. IT Staffing organization experts spend their time locating and recruiting experts with a variety of IT skills and expertise.

How can companies locate the best IT recruiters to meet their specific staffing needs?

Arguably the most important issue for company leaders is to identify their actual needs. For example, what type of IT experts are needed? Will those individuals be needed for short-term projects only, or will the positions require a long-term commitment from the personnel hired? Understanding the actual need makes it far simpler to deal with the next step, which is determining what type of recruiter is required. Many recruiting organizations specialize in providing specific types of expertise. That means it’s important to identify specialists who have a track record of supplying the types of candidates actually needed.

What types of things should companies expect from IT recruiting specialists?

First, organizations looking for representation should require IT staffing companies to have experienced, professional recruiters who understand the very specific needs a company has and recruit accordingly. Most companies don’t have the time to provide extensive training for new hires. They expect the new team members to jump in and be productive from day one.

Perhaps more importantly, staffing companies should have access to potential new hires that would not normally be accessible. In other words, the recruiting specialists should have networks to isolate quality candidates not actively seeking positions but are amenable to making a career change. Unlike typical human resource departments, staffing company representatives spend a great deal of their time sourcing what the industry calls passive candidates.

Do IT staffing companies provide other services to make companies more profitable?

The staffing industry’s top professionals also provide IT Consulting services to enhance any organization’s productivity. Since no two organizations are exactly alike, it stands to reason the consultants would carefully analyze a client’s needs prior to making any recommendations. Consultants explore options for a variety of areas, including project management, application development, process optimization, and digital marketing strategies. Even business intelligence and data analytics are subjects to broach with the consultants.

With technology rapidly evolving, the IT consultant will also assist clients with selecting the best software options to meet the client’s needs not only today, but for the future. That process involves looking at trends to determine where the industry is going and what technology options will best meet the organization’s needs on all levels.

VALiNTRY has the expertise and seasoned staff to provide assistance with any staffing needs. Whether a company is looking for help with staffing or improving IT and marketing efforts, there are experts ready to assist. For answers to specific questions or concerns, contacting the experts is an important first step.


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