PeopleSoft Staffing and Consulting

PeopleSoft has quickly become an industry leader in designing systems that enhance business performance. Absorbed by Oracle in 2005, the PeopleSoft brand provides a range of business solutions focusing on improving productivity and business outcomes while reducing user costs of ownership. The newest version of PeopleSoft (vs. 9.2) is the company’s latest effort to stay atop of business trends and supply innovations to make user experiences more satisfactory.

Applications are broken into modules, each module offers specific advantages for specific business areas. Oracle’s website outlines the six modules offered. They include:


Human Capital Management (HCM)

Profitability depends on the quality of employees throughout the enterprise. This module provides tools to improve those assets.

  • Companies with foreign operations will welcome the module’s Global Core Human Capital Management section that allows monitoring of regulatory compliance in any country.
  • The Labor Rules and Monitoring section allows real-time analysis of compliance throughout the company.
  • Talent Management provides assistance with attracting and retaining top performers.
  • Workforce Management allows companies to implement controls to better management labor needs.
  • Workforce Service Delivery is a communications option, allowing management to better communicate with each employee.

Keeping costs at realistic levels requires careful attention be paid to all aspects of hiring, training, and retaining quality employees. This module makes that task simpler.


Financial Management (FM)

The second module includes a broad set of tools to meet a company’s financial goals while complying with all legal requirements. Some of the features include:

  • Asset Lifecycle Management to manage all company assets, including facilities, machinery, and rolling stock.
  • Credit-to-Cash to track financial aspects including credit decisioning, billing, and collections.
  • Financial Control and Reporting to provide improved financial management and reporting.
  • Public Sector applications are included to increase transparency and improve the quality of information provided.

With additional features, including everything from Treasury Management to Travel and Expense Management, the module allows users to attain new levels of efficiency and productivity while minimizing risks of missing important statutory reporting deadlines.


Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Properly managing supply management costs can reduce costs each year, and the third people soft module is designed to do just that. Streamlining the entire procure-to-pay process improves relationships with suppliers.The module includes features including:

  • Catalog Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Online Procurement and Billing Processes
  • Supply Financials


Enterprise Services Automation (ESA)

Arguably one of the most important modules, the Enterprise Service Automation application allows a level of project planning and control that is second to none.

  • Project Portfolio Management gives users have the tools necessary to select appropriate projects, establish staffing needs, and budget all aspects of the proposed projects.
  • Analytic functions track expenses, allowing modifications to be made throughout the project’s stages.
  • Program Management empowers managers, giving them the control needed to make projects flow smoothly.
  • Resource Management features balance supplies with demand to keeps project costs on track.

Other included features round out a well-designed module that will improve a company’s ability to easily track all project activities.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chain management controls functions for synchronizing the chain, ensuring all needed goods are on hand when needed. There are three essential components to improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the supply chain:

  • Customer Order Management begins with making sure the correct materials are in the right place at the right time.
  • Real-time analytics allows monitoring to simplify and improve the dynamics of the system.
  • Quality control is enhanced, as data indicates how well suppliers perform.

The module also allows users to improve billing, making sure practices meet the company’s needs for both traditional and online processing. The module even allows sales personnel to improve their performance by providing tools to streamline ordering and delivery procedures.


The final module provides users with the tools necessary to get the most from the software. Application developers have the ability to customize applications, making them more applicable to user’s specific needs. There are six important elements of PeopleTools.

  • Application Development is enhanced using the provided Application Designer (AppDesigner) to customize the various modules. AppDesigner simplifies administration, improves maintenance capabilities, and makes integrating quality lifecycle support a reality.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows users to definite how each component will interact and help improve operational efficiencies.
  • Administration tools allow users to configure system security protocols, monitor overall system performance, and update the software as needed. The functions are easily accessed through the website.
  • Interaction Hub features allow collaboration between workspaces, improve communications, and provides a variety of other features designed for companies needing to involve other business community members.
  • Platforms ensures the support of various operating systems, databases, and browsers, making the inclusion of more users possible.
  • Security is vital to protecting data and preventing downtime. Access control features work to that end.

Each of the tools, while unique, make the identification and implementation of customization issues apparent and easier to enact.

Other Advantages

Third-party add-ons further enhance the ability of the software to benefit a company. The staffing of individuals trained for Peoplesoft jobs ensures the company benefits from the many features the applications provide. Working with a staffing company well-versed in hiring candidates ready to step into oracle jobs without extensive retraining is important when moving to PeopleSoft applications. Companies exploring a transition to the Oracle suite of applications may benefit from PeopleSoft consulting staffing experts to make sure their team includes the most qualified personnel.