VALiNTRY Joins the Ranks of Inc. 500

Founded in 2013, what began as a one office start-up, with a handful employees has transformed into a multi-million dollar, nationwide corporation with over 50 employees.

In the short time frame of five years, VALiNTRY has been honored with the distinction of joining the elite ranks of Inc. 500.

Created in 1982, Inc. 5000 is an annual list of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. As an expansion of the brand, Inc. 500 was developed, ranking the top 10% of the country’s top 5,000 organizations.

This year, VALiNTRY is proud to be recognized as number 142 on the list nationally and number 10 in Florida.  Now as an honoree, our organization has joined the ranks of other winners including Halo Top Creamery, Bitly and OrangeTheory Fitness. With past winners ranging from Oracle to Under Armour and GrubHub, we are excited to have our business held in such high regards.

Led by fearless leader CEO, Daryl Dixon, one of the core foundations catapulting the quick and sustained success of VALiNTRY is our core values. Role model organizations such as Disney, Apple and Southwest Airlines continually inspire VALiNTRY to put our customers first. Our team understands the importance of empowering employees and removing barriers that disrupt the ability to exceed expectations.

Our core values are:

  • People Service: Enriching the lives of our clients, while serving them, our employees and our team members.
  • Accountability: Being accountable and responsible to maintaining commitments and sustaining results.
  • Teamwork: Working together continuously to support our team, yours and the greater good.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Ensuring that everything is done correct, the right way.
  • Innovation: Pushing beyond our comfort zones to seek new solutions for our clients and ourselves.
  • Transparency: Sharing the results and outcomes of all of our efforts with our team and clients.

Inverted Organization Structure

The green upside down triangle and lowercase “I” in our logo is more than just a symbol, it represents a way of life at VALiNTRY. The lower case I deemphasizes the individual because at VALiNTRY we win as a team and we lose as a team. This mentality has allowed our company  and employees to succeed. The upside down triangle, represents our unique inverted organization structure. Clients, consultants and contractors always become ourselves, with management at the bottom of the priority list, here to support their team.

Identifying and implementing these core values has also allowed us to receive recognition from the Orlando Business Journal as a “Best Place to Work” and have been awarded the coveted “Florida Companies to Watch by GrowFL.

The Origin of VALiNTRY

Valor: Great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.

Our organization’s name, VALiNTRY was derived from this noun. CEO, Daryl Dixon and cofounders chose the name to represent the resiliency of their, at the time, new found team.

One unique aspect of VALiNTRY is that the cofounders who built the organization previously worked together. At these companies, they fought operational complexities, dated technologies, increased regulations and the rising costs of doing business. With solutions constantly falling short, they came together to collaborate and begin VAliNTRY.

A founder of Reflectx in 2001, Daryl sold the company in 2006 and worked with Maxim HealthCare until 2006 where he then again, sold the organization however, he continued to work with the business for a few years afterwards.

Reflectx was a web based company that utilized the internet to sell and recruit across the country. Here, founding partner and CIO, Steve Wise, built an intranet system so robust he was recognized in CIO magazine. Steve built this system, NovaNET, a high-tech command center than filtered and translated data every day, to over 1300 locations across the country. This innovation was the first time that Daryl had witnessed technology truly supporting business processes. The new technologies constantly being developed and the innovation that had just been displayed with NovaNet, was the catalyst for Daryl to collaborate with fellow cofounders and begin VALiNTRY.

One thing that became apparent to Daryl with all of his ventures was that technology streamlines everything. Daryl’s motto is, if there are certain technologies that have the ability to improve efficiencies, we always invest. At the cofounder’s former companies innovation was always a trademark that has been carried through to VALiNTRY.

Since the beginning, VALiNTRY’s approach has been to utilize technology to manage systems like a fleet of boats instead of an aircraft carrier. Daryl has always believed that one aspect of innovation is having the ability to plug and unplug technologies systems to help support business most effective was possible. He felt that there were few companies that understood the catalyst that technology within the company was to improve profitability and success. VALiNTRY team members are fighters against technical obsolescence. Many companies are hamstrung by technical obsolescence, where their systems aren’t able to keep up with other businesses. Instead of these organizations becoming a resource to clients to improve efficiency and profitability, they have actually become a liability due to their failure to invest.

Because of these relationships that VALiNTRY has built and due to our core values and innovation we have become trusted advisors for our clients. Our team is truly working to help our clients ensure continuous success.

Looking to the future

Looking to the future VALiNTRY’s next goal is to reach over 100 million in revenue while continuing to provide services with our core values functioning as the backbone of our organization. The core group of cofounders have all worked for large, publicly traded service companies. Leveraging this experience has helped create the foundation for VALiNTRY’s practices.

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