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Data Science Consulting

Data Scientist is considered one of the fastest growing job fields in the last decade. A decade ago, data science was called the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century by Harvard Business Review. Even the most forward thinking technologist at that time could hardly have imagined the massive amounts of data from social media, app exchanges, omnichannel marketing and other elements that companies now have to sift through and make sense of in order to produce actionable intelligence for business decisions and customer insights. Since data science is such a nebulous term, companies often do not know the best ways to find the right people for these roles. This is where VALiNTRY comes in. We have years of experience providing the bridge between companies, the inherit career opportunities within and the some of the most brilliant data scientist on the planet. We have placed Data scientist in direct hire, contract and project roles. We understand Data Science Consulting and Data Science fields.

Data Science & Data Analytics Staffing Firm

VALiNTRY partners with some of the leading companies in North America. We prioritize relationships over transactions. That mean if you are a data science expert looking for a new opportunity, we will listen to your goals, needs and present only the opportunities that fit within that. If you are a client that means that we strive to understand the exact technical needs of course, but also the kind of culture you have and the ideal traits and characteristics for someone to succeed in any role. We have found that this approach makes for the best possible career outcomes for all involved. Companies of all sizes, from small businesses to the largest tech giants, are looking to hire exceptional people with the ability to understand and analyze data. VALiNTRY works across industries placing Data Scientist. This ranges from Enterprise, Healthcare, IT, Financial, Biotech, Agricultural and many more.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized, concierge service to every candidate. You are never treated like a resume, but rather an individual with specific goals, needs and wants. Our commitment is to only work with highly qualified candidates rather than a high quantity of candidates. This intentional selectiveness has created trust between us, our candidates, and the clients we work with, ensuring that a high level is trust is built and maintained throughout our process. As a people-first firm, your success becomes our success!

We Know Confidentiality is Crucial!

At VALiNTRY, we actively practice honesty, integrity, and accountability in everything we do and say and place our candidates’ confidentiality above all else. We are accountable to our candidates and each other. We will never disclose any of your information to any employer without express consent. Rest assured, your information is always kept in the strictest of confidence.

Data Science Hiring Process

Our proven process, experience, and expertise ensure we connect you with the right opportunity based on your personal career goals focusing on you as an individual to understand your personal goals and what matters most to you in your job search. Our concierge-style methodology prioritizes the needs and career goals of each candidate, working to place them, one at a time, into their ideal position. This allows candidates to be true to themselves and their career aspirations instead of trying to fit something that isn’t the right path. Once we interview you, we talk with you about certain positions we are working to fill that match you. We submit you to the hiring manager and make sure that there is clear expectations and communication about next steps along the way.

Get the step ahead on the next point in your career progression by contacting us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Here are just a few of the Data Scientist Positions & Fields We Staff:

Aprimo Consultant | Artificial Intelligence | Big Data Analytics | BioInformatics  | Chief Data Scientist | Data Analytics Mining | Data Architecture | Data Engineering | Data Modeling Consultant | Data Scientist | Data Visualization | Database Marketing | Database Administrator | Digital Marketing Analytics | Hadoop Consultant | Machine Learning Engineer | Mongo DB Consultant | Ruby Developer | Natural Language Processing | NoSql Consultant | Quantitative Analyst Salesforce CRM Consultant & More!


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