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Valintry Technology - A leader in IT & Salesforce Staffing
Valintry - A leader in Staffing

Why Valintry

VALiNTRY provides recruiting and placement services in all 50 states, connecting employers and job seekers in the fields of information technology, accounting, and finance in a wide variety of  industries. With a candidate database of more than 5-Million technology and digital related candidates, built over the last 9 years, VALiNTRY is not new to solving talent needs.

We recruit for Direct Hire (contingent search), Trial to Hire, Contract Resources, Staff Augmentation (rapid deployment)

From a help desk opening to a CIO replacement, no talent search is too large or small.
Talent skills often placed include Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon (AWS), Java, Workday, Oracle, Cisco , and more.

The 100%, US based, VALiNTRY team supports job seekers in many ways including a job search platform offering  job search tools, including a job board, resume builder, and career advice resources. aims to provide a user-friendly and efficient job search and talent search for both job seekers and employers.

The VALiNTRY Difference

There is no denying the fact that the world has gone digital. Where once job candidates mailed paper resumes in response to newspaper ads, now millions of potential candidates have turned to job sites to post their resumes and apply online. This has forced a transformation of the recruiting field right before our eyes. You no longer have the time to sift through piles of resumes, one by one until you find the engineer you need. You need your open position filled with a highly qualified candidate and you need that person now! 

At VALiNTRY, we saw an opportunity to address a technology need with a technological response. This led us to design an unmatched, proprietary recruiting system called V-FiTT. The driving force of our V-FiTT technology is automation. Professional recruiting of the past was an extremely inefficient exercise. It required employees to manually sort through resumes to parse out details that would make a candidate marketable. Sites like Monster and Dice raised the bar for the whole industry. Now, with the advent of our V-FiTT system, we are the most efficient tech recruiting firm anywhere. V-FiTT enables us to work smarter and more efficiently to find ideal candidates for our clients, and we can do it faster than the competition.


Valintry Technology - A leader in IT & Salesforce Staffing

The recruiting Process


In-depth Intake

The adage of garbage in – garbage out is true. We strive to understand as much as possible about the position, balancing skill sets, expectations, & compensation, with culture and team fit.


V-FiTT Recruiting Engine

Because of our proprietary technology, our US-based recruiting team spends little to no time sourcing candidates and instead spends time qualifying the resource to make sure we have alignment from the in-take process


Follow-up Cycles

Every client is unique and so is every candidate, but improved communication is something we can all use to our benefit. We do follow-up cycles throughout the process to ensure minor road bumps don’t become showstoppers.

No Set of Qualifications Is Too Tough

We work on some challenging requirements and the benefit of our 3-step process shines through the most on the hardest ones. We welcome the opportunity to support you and your team!

What is V-FiTT?

V-FiTT combines the power of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, real-time data analytics, and digital marketing to merge the power and reach of the world’s biggest job sites with artificial intelligence to compile candidate-related data for the roles we are tasked with recruiting. Using this data we’ve created an exclusive in-house database of roughly 5 million qualified technology candidates, with more added every single day.

Most recruiting firms employ dozens of human recruiters to sit at their desks clicking through LinkedIn pages in search of qualified leads. There’s only so much data that a single person can uncover using these outdated methods. V-FiTT, on the other hand, works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking for the latest matches to our job descriptions. It is solely focused on technology experts and is constantly monitoring for updates to candidates’ profiles and availability.

It’s important to mention that V-FiTT doesn’t replace the personal human touch, it enhances it. This means our recruiters spend less time searching and more time building relationships with our candidates so they can be of more service to you, the client.


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what our clients say

I'm able to talk to them about ideas and they give me other perspectives. They did this recently with one of our positions. They made suggestions or asked, have you thought about this or that and even though it may mean that I'm keeping my current employee and means that I'm not going to need their services. They are able to give me options and ideas that I didn't other otherwise consider, and it makes sense.

VP of IT – Non-profit (R.V.) timmy

We were having staffing firm issues and I started managing the areas that were experiencing the challenge. By far, VALiNTRY has done a much better job than the other staffing firms that we’ve worked with. It was the speed of getting good candidates that really surprised us. I don’t know what it’s attributed to, but we can sense that they do a good vetting process. By the time we get to the interview process, we know the candidate meets the expectations and it makes the hiring process much easier.

AVP – High Tech (R.P.) indeedtimmy

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