Find Top Talent for Your Business by Working with a Sage Business Cloud Accounting Staffing Agency

Find Top Talent for Your Business by Working with a Sage Business Cloud Accounting Staffing Agency
It’s a fact – there is a shortage of Sage Business Cloud Accounting talent in the US right now. In a recent Top Issues Survey from AICPA, one of the top issues for members was finding qualified talent. The challenge isn’t just that the field of qualified candidates is narrow; the need is also expanding.  
The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that the job outlook for a career in accounting will grow annually at 4% from now until 2032. And many of those openings are expected to result from the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or exit the labor force. Which means that, while there will be a serious knowledge drain in many accounting departments, there will also be an incredible opportunity to modernize accounting operations with tools like Sage Business Cloud Accounting.  
As more of these jobs become available and digital transformations continue, there is even more competition to secure qualified candidates for your accounting team.  
Fortunately, there are ways that businesses can maximize their impact in the employment space and stand out from the vigorous competition to attract and secure top Sage Business Cloud Accounting talent. Although it’s not easy to penetrate this tight market, knowledgeable Sage Business Cloud Accounting Staffing Agencies know the best practices that will help you beat the competition to top talent.  

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Why You Should Work with a Sage Business Cloud Staffing Agency

“Whether you’re hiring for a temporary or permanent role in your organization, it’s critical that you find a candidate who matches your precise needs to fill your Sage Business Cloud Accounting vacancy,” says Eric Lyublinsky, SVP of Accounting Recruiting at VALiNTRY. An experienced Sage Business Cloud Accounting recruiting firm will be able to help match your desired skill set and job description with a candidate resume that will meet your needs completely.
Lyublinsky cautions, “simply posting your vacancy to an accounting job board may not yield a large number of viable candidates, or worse, you may spend your time weeding through resumes of people who don’t have the education, skills, or experience you desire.”
Reputable Sage Business Cloud Accounting recruiters recognize your time is valuable and help you to narrow down your criteria and clearly define your needs and niche to make it easier to identify talent. They also enable you only to spend time meeting with the best of the best and do the hard part of combing through potential candidates to find the best culture fits on your behalf.

Benefits of Using a Sage Business Cloud Accounting Staffing Agency

Benefits of Using a Sage Business Cloud Accounting Staffing Agency

Although it’s possible to seek out and identify Sage Business Cloud Accounting talent using resources inside your organization, there are numerous benefits to outsourcing part of the process to Sage Business Cloud Accounting Staffing Agency. Here are a few to consider.

Coaching and Positioning in the Market

Working with a full-service Sage Business Cloud Accounting Staffing Agency like VALiNTRY means that you’ll get coaching and insight on how to position yourself to be attractive to job seekers in the market. You may need to adjust your approach to match your goals allowing you to attract top talent, recent college graduates, or someone with considerable experience in the field.
For example, new graduates are extremely social media savvy, and it’s likely they will search for your presence on their favorite networks. Having a relevant feed and updated job postings on these types of media may put you on their radar, and a recruiting firm can help you identify these opportunities.

Streamlined Interview and Hiring Process

If weeding through stacks of resumes of unqualified individuals isn’t your idea of a good way to spend your time, then you should look to a Sage Business Cloud Accounting Staffing Agency to do the hard part for you.

Not only will they work with you individually to clearly define and understand your needs, but they will also craft a job description and job posting that outline all your most important criteria. Next, the Sage Business Cloud Accounting recruiter will filter down the applicants to only those who are an excellent match and may also pre-screen the candidate over the phone to ensure that your time is well spent in the interview.

This means you won’t spend wasted hours with people who don’t have the appropriate skills and qualifications or don’t fit the culture of your office. When you do conduct an interview, it’s much more likely that you’ll find a match for your needs.

What’s more, you’ll likely fill your vacancy more rapidly and with a better-quality individual than if you had handled the process internally.

Advice on Compensation

Because the talent pool is so limited, and the need for Sage Business Cloud Accounting talent is so great, you’ll want to put your best foot forward when it comes time to make an offer. Sage Business Cloud Accounting Recruiters know every important detail about industry standards and the competition in your market. Often, they will know if another business is hiring a similar candidate for a Sage Business Cloud Accounting vacancy in your market and can give you advice on how you compare.
Any smart job seeker will interview for multiple roles and will choose which offer to accept based on several factors. For many, compensation sits at or near the top of the list.
You don’t want to miss out on hiring the perfect match for your organization’s need, culture, and team because you missed the salary mark by a few thousand dollars a year. What’s more, a Sage Business Cloud Accounting Staffing Agency will learn about the candidate and provide advice on other ways to sweeten the deal.
If things like flexible hours, work-from-home opportunities, vacation, health benefits, gym memberships, or other perks are attractive to the candidate, a Sage Business Cloud Accounting recruiter can help you build an offer that will be irresistible.

Working with a Sage Business Cloud Accounting recruiter allows you to be both competitive and fiscally responsible, which gives you an advantage when the time comes to close the deal on your new recruit.

Attracting New Graduates

Attracting New Graduates
Hiring recent college graduates is an excellent strategy for both large accounting firms looking to cultivate and develop new talent and for organizations who want the opportunity to gain an employee with a fresh perspective who could stay with them for years to come.
Although new graduates are often desirable, they are also difficult to recruit.
“Talented accounting students typically have numerous competitive job opportunities when they enter the market, and it’s up to organizations to find a way to woo them away from the competition,” advises Lyublinsky.

“Working with a Sage Business Cloud Accounting Staffing Agency who knows how to position your organization as an exciting place to work to an accounting graduate is critical to successfully attracting the best candidates,” he adds.

There are several tactics you can use to be relevant to these job seekers.
  • 1

    Work with your Sage Business Cloud Accounting recruiter to identify ways that you stand out and promote those in your communications to potential candidates.

  • 2

    Ensure that your online presence reflects your values and gives a clear and accurate snapshot of the culture of your company. Update your website, social media pages, and monitor online reviews so that you are on top of how your business is portrayed online.

  • 3

    Offer competitive salaries for entry-level staff and build overall compensation packages that offer options that are attractive to this demographic.

  • 4

    Hire from within and show long-term growth opportunities as their careers progress.

The digital Sage Business Cloud Accounting talent of today and the future is not the same as the analog accounting talent of the past. Today’s candidates have different expectations and desires of their employer and workplace, and it’s essential that you work to meet and exceed them to keep from having unwanted vacancies in your organization.

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