How to Find and Hire the Best Full-Stack Developers

How to Find and Hire the Best Full-Stack Developers
Is your organization looking for strong developer talent that can build new features for your growing user base? Are you getting pressure from senior management to speed up product development and the freelance market isn’t working out?
You are not alone
From Consumer Products to Professional Services and Healthcare, any organization that has a digital presence needs Full-Stack Developers.
That’s why hiring and retaining Full-Stack Developers has become increasingly difficult. Especially as the candidate market is flooded with people claiming to be “Full-Stack Developers.” In fact, a study by Stack Overflow of over 60,000 software engineers found that 46.82% identified as full-stack and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that that number will grow by 26% in the next several years.
So as a hiring leader, how do you find skilled Full-Stack Developers in the USA who have the necessary combination of hard and soft skills to drive your projects forward?
First let’s understand what Full-Stack Development is.

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What is Full-Stack Development?

Simply put, Full-Stack Development can be divided into two main components: front-end (client side) and back-end (server side) development of any software product or web application. Front-end and back-end include:
Front-End Development: Anything that a user sees or interacts with
Back-End Development: Anything that happens in the background of a user interaction such as logic and processing such as code writing, API calls, databases, etc.
Full-Stack Development tools include jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, Vue, HTML5, CSS, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, SQL, React , MongoDB, Apache, NGINX, ASP, Laravel, and Node
Additional skills a Full-Stack Developer should possess include design best practices, testing, and version control.

Who Is a Full-Stack Developer?

A Full-Stack Developer is a professional who can work on both Front-End and Back-End Development of an application. This ability is due to the individual’s wide range of programming and development skill sets that allows them to fill a variety of types of developer roles. This broad range of web development and engineering know-how enables hiring leaders to simplify projects and budgets by hiring one Full-Stack Developer instead of an entire team of specialists.

What Does A Full-Stack Developer Do?

Full-Stack Developer responsibilities will vary depending on the organization, project, and the individual’s skill set. Therefore, candidates must possess a robust set of skills that encompass both technical expertise and project management capabilities as they play a critical role in Full-Stack Development. Their core competencies include:
  • Define Project Requirements: Accurately identifying the scope and specifications of the project to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Research and Select a Company: Evaluating potential companies or teams for collaboration to find the best fit for project goals.
  • Inquire and Evaluate: Conducting thorough inquiries and assessments of available resources and technologies.
  • Review Proposals and Quotes: Analyzing proposals and quotes to select the most suitable options that align with project objectives.
  • Interview Developers: Assessing potential team members for their skills, cultural fit, and contribution to the project.
  • Finalize and Begin Development: Completing the preparatory phases and moving forward with the actual development process efficiently.
Each of these skills highlights the dual role of Full-Stack Developers in both development and project oversight, ensuring that projects are not only completed to technical standards but are also well-managed and aligned with business goals.

What Are the Different Types of Full-Stack Developers?

For those who want to hire Full-Stack Developers, it is important to know different Full-Stack technologies. Below is a breakdown of the popular stacks that can ensure hiring leaders match talents and projects correctly:

MEAN Stack: All components of the MEAN stack are written in JavaScript, making it a preferred choice for web development projects. Comprising MongoDB (NoSQL DB), Express.js (back-end web framework), Angular (front-end framework), and Node.js (open-source, cross-platform server), MEAN is suitable for developing both web and mobile applications.
MERN Stack: A variant of MEAN, MERN replaces Angular with React, a JavaScript library. Utilizing JSX, a JavaScript modification, MERN excels in creating single-page applications with interactive user interfaces. However, developers should note that using React as a library may limit some functionalities compared to a full-fledged framework.
MEVN Stack: Consisting of MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js, and Node.js, MEVN facilitates website and web application development. It leverages the strengths of JavaScript technologies to enhance software building performance. MEVN, akin to MERN and MEAN, employs Vue.js as its front-end framework, offering versatile solutions for both front-end and back-end development tasks.
LAMP Stack: LAMP, a classic industry standard, encompasses Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Renowned for its time-tested performance, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility across various operating systems, LAMP allows for easy component customization within the stack.
Spring Stack: Spring, a lightweight Java framework, is instrumental in developing enterprise applications. Widely regarded as a cornerstone for various Java frameworks, Spring’s extensive functionality supports the creation of robust, secure, and maintainable enterprise-level applications.
Django Stack: Utilizing Python-based technologies, including Django, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap the Django Stack is tailored for server-side web applications, offering a robust development environment.
Java EE / Jakarta EE Stack: Java EE / Jakarta EE comprises specifications and APIs for building enterprise applications. Extending Java’s capabilities, it provides additional APIs and services tailored for large-scale, distributed, and robust application development.
Ruby on Rails Stack: A server-side web application framework written in Ruby, Ruby on Rails utilizes a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end programming, along with MySQL or MongoDB for data storage and management. Ideal for Full-Stack Development, Ruby on Rails offers a complete solution for building web applications.

When Should You Hire Full-Stack Developers?

Since Full-Stack Developers can address many different development needs within an organization, there are several instances where bringing a Full-Stack Developer on board is wise. They are:

1. Project Initiation

While beginning a new project, and especially one that requires quick prototyping or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development, Full-Stack Developers bring the relevant skills for both client-side and server-side programming.

2. Skill Gaps

When there’s a lack of technical expertise internally or when you need to speed up product development, Full-Stack Developers can fill these gaps. Their ability to work with various full-stack programmer languages and platforms helps the team to ensure that all the technical requirements are met.

3. Product Scaling

As your product grows, you might need to scale your technology stack or add new features. A Full-Stack Developer can smooth the transition and help scale applications efficiently while integrating new technologies.

4. Maintenance and Updates

Ongoing maintenance and updates should be performed regularly to maintain long-term usability and security. Full-Stack Developers are capable of handling both these tasks to ensuring that your application remains robust and up-to-date.

5. Cost-Effective Development

In SMBs, nonprofits, or startups where budget constraints are considerable, hiring one Full-Stack Developer is more cost-effective than employing an entire team of software specialists.

Benefits of Outsourcing Full-Stack Developer Hiring

Benefits of Outsourcing Full-Stack Developer Hiring

Successfully hiring a Full-Stack Developer requires more than simple hard work and dedication. It requires the right mix of skills, expertise, and efficiency that can only come from leveraging experts in the business of recruiting Full-Stack Developers. Engaging a Full-Stack Developer Staff Augmentation Agency, like VALiNTRY, presents many advantages such as:


Greater Access to Specialized Skills and Expertise

Hiring leaders can expand their reach in their search for the best Full-Stack Developer talent when they engage a Full-Stack Developer Staff Augmentation firm like VALiNTRY. These agencies can provide access to a diverse pool of talent across a wider geography and price range so that organizations can e­fficiently select, interview, and hire the best talent for their needs.

Streamlined Communication and Team Integration

Fewer developers mean more effective communication, simpler collaboration, and greater accountability and consistency in the product. VALiNTRY ensures that all presented candidates possess the technical skills required, but also the soft skills to work well within your existing team and culture.

Cost-Effective Resource Optimization

Organizations can increase efficiency by collaborating with exte­rnal Full-Stack Developer recruitment experts. By hiring Full-Stack Developers on a contract or temporary basis, firms can minimize­ or even eliminate expenses for full-time­ employees and concentrate­ on their primary strengths while le­veraging skilled professionals for Full-Stack Development.

Speed to Market and Scalability

Speed to market can be a critical competitive advantage and Full-Stack Developer Staff Augmentation can be the key. VALiNTRY helps clients secure talent quickly by creating a flexible, highly skilled Full-Stack Developer workforce that can adapt quickly to project demands and maintain organizational momentum.

Advantages of Hiring Full-Stack Developers with Help from VALiNTRY

Beyond the overall advantages of Full-Stack Developer Staff Augmentation, VALiNTRY provides a unique set of additional advantages to help clients beat their competition to the best Full-Stack Developer talent.

Less of a Vendor, More of a Partner

VALiNTRY’s IT recruiting experts can aid in your search for Full-Stack Developer candidates but can also advise you on trends in candidate supply, compensation, recruitment strategies, and more to help you make strategic, long-term hiring decisions.

Expertise in the Full-Stack Development Ecosystem

Unlike many recruiters, VALiNTRY’s talent acquisition team are well versed in the client and server-side technologies used in Full-Stack Development. This means they can recognize talent and quickly determine if candidates truly have the technical skills required.

Proprietary Database of Pre-Qualified, Onshore IT Talen

Drawing upon more than a decade in the Full-Stack Developer recruiting business, VALiNTRY leverages a proprietary database of over 4.5 million candidates to swiftly identify Full-Stack Developer candidates with the precise skills, cultural fit, and understanding of your development needs.

Extensive Screening Process

VALiNTRY’s rigorous and comprehensive screening process ensures Full-Stack Developer candidates not only meet your technical requirements but also align with your culture and values. VALiNTRY’s track record of success stands as a testament to the ability to identify top-tier Full-Stack Developer talent for clients.

Flexible Contracts

Flexible contracting options at VALiNTRY tailored to suit each client’s unique expectations. Our team provides the agility organizations need to respond to changing project demands without long-term commitments of hiring full-time employees whether it is scaling up for a large project or requiring specialized skills for a short period.

Choose VALiNTRY as Your Trusted Full-Stack Developer Staff Augmentation Agency

When you need to hire expert Full-Stack Developers fast, you need to connect with VALiNTRY to help streamline your IT hiring process, reduce talent acquisition costs, and protect your brand.

Put VALiNTRY’s 10+ years in the Full-Stack Developer Staff Augmentation business across various industries to work for you.

Contact us today to discover how VALiNTRY can become your preferred Full-Stack Developer Staff Augmentation Agency!

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