How to Identify Signs It’s Time for IT Staff Augmentation

How to Identify Signs It’s Time for IT Staff Augmentation
Your organization might be sailing smoothly with your current IT talent who are perfectly aligned to existing project needs. But then a sudden, high-demand opportunity or significant problem emerges that goes well beyond the capabilities of your in-house team.

Your options are:

  1. Hire, train, and expand your team for this new project.
  2. Leverage IT Staff Augmentation to help you ramp up fast without the time drain of recruiting
Since most IT managers these days don’t really have time for the process of screening and onboarding an entirely new team from scratch, the solution is clear:

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Consider IT Staff Augmentation

An IT Staff Augmentation firm, like VALiNTRY Services, helps you to bridge skill gaps by providing on-demand IT specialists, with both technical and soft skills. Thus, ensuring project success without the hassle of a lengthy screening and hiring process.

When you work with firms like VALiNTRY you simply submit your talent request and, within 48 hours, start reviewing pre-screened, qualified candidates tailored to your needs.
This talent can be contractors with specialized skills without the commitment of full-time hires or permanent placements that enhance your team’s capabilities for the long-term.

But how do you know if IT Staff Augmentation is right for your situation?

Signs your Company Needs IT Staff Augmentation

Signs Your Company Needs IT Staff Augmentation

Scope Expansion

You have a project that demands more talent or your overall workload surges. Augmenting your team with contract talent ensures timely project completion without the delays and costs of permanent hiring.

Headcount Reduction

You need to cut costs but not lose capacity and expertise. IT Staff Augmentation is the affordable solution that minimizes costs while maximizing talent and maintaining flexibility.

High Employee Turnover

Talent churn is disrupting your team’s capability to deliver on time and on budget. IT Staff Augmentation mitigates these effects by seamlessly integrating skilled professionals quickly.

Specific Skill Sets Needed

Your team is tasked with a project that requires high demand or very niche skills not currently available internally. The hiring process for these experts can be extensive. With IT Staff Augmentation, you can quickly access professionals with unique expertise essential for the project’s success.

Risk Mitigation

You want to avoid the inherent costs of ensuring your IT team is right-skilled and constantly engaged. The risks of not having the right talent at the right time can be catastrophic. Contracted IT talent allows you mitigate these risks by ensuring you have exactly the right talent at the right time without a hefty W2 payroll.


As an IT leader, you must continue to be flexible and agile in the quickly changing technology landscape to stay competitive. Maintaining the efficacy and efficiency of your operation will depend on your ability to not only adapt to the daily needs of your organization but also address them quickly.

When you partner with a reputable IT staffing agency like VALiNTRY, you’ll have a team that not only understands the Information Technology recruiting landscape but are also subject matter experts with access to the best talent.

With our help, you’ll be able secure great candidates that leverage their skills, experience, and personality to help your company grow.
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