10 Ways to Retain the Best Developer Talent

Many organizations recognize the importance of retaining developer talent and are continuously looking for ways to do this since this group usually stays with one company for two years. And with unemployment at historic lows, it’s no wonder that:

According to research, 65 percent of developers are open to new job opportunities.

Here, VALiNTRYtechnology presents 10 ways to retain developers within your organization:

  1. Compensation

    Developers are some of the highest paid professionals in any industry and should be paid a fair amount for their skills. If they are underpaid compared to the local market, they will look for other opportunities. Larger organizations with larger budgets can offer compensation and perks, but small businesses can hire the best talent by offering flexibility and tailoring jobs.

  2. Career Advancement

    Employees want opportunities for career advancement. Organizations that recognize a developer’s experience and time within a company through some type of career advancement or increased compensation will help them to remain with an organization.

  3. Autonomy

    Programmers value autonomy. Allow them to create deadlines through a collaborative process. Introduce the team to a set of problems and provide them the resources to solve it.

  4. Technical and Career Development

    By offering flex time, developers can attend seminars and learn new technologies. Google famously gives developers a certain amount of time each week to pursue pet projects.

  5. Work Environment

    Each business has the resources to provide a trusting environment that encourages collaboration and autonomous decision making.

  6. Technology

    Allow developers to use new technologies or libraries on existing projects. New technologies will help with efficiency. Providing developers with the tools they need to succeed shows that the organization values and trusts investing in them.

  7. Success

    Realistic deadlines are a huge part of being set up to succeed and to meet these deadlines, developers needs the proper tools. Ensure developers have the resources to succeed with the proper software and hardware.

  8. Management

    Many developers are motivated to work for mission-driven or socially impactful companies.

  9. Recognition

    Receiving recognition for work shows that developers are valued employees and are a part of the organization’s success.

  10. Valued Opinion

    Developers know when a system isn’t working correctly. Allow their opinions to be heard and valued. These will help to retain top developers at your organization and attract new and qualified candidates.

Even if you do all 10 of these correctly, you will eventually need to hire IT talent.  When that time comes, VALiNTRYtechnology will be happy to assist you in your search.

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