5 Steps to Choosing the Best IT Staffing Agency

There is more of a need than ever before for qualified candidates to fill vacant IT jobs in the US. Although this is great news for candidates looking for work, it means that employers will need to spend serious time choosing the best IT staffing agency to find the perfect candidate who fits their needs and their culture.

Fortunately, IT recruiters like VALiNTRYtechnology specialize in filling these technical roles with experienced talent, and who also work closely with employer clients to dive deep into the job requirements to find the perfect candidate for the culture of each organization.

To help you find the best recruiter to fill your organization’s open IT positions, try following these five steps.

Step 1: Find the Right Fit

Determining which IT staffing agency is the best for you involves some research and conversations with the various firms you are considering. You’ll want to be sure and select one with an excellent track record of client satisfaction, is knowledgeable, and has access to the best IT talent.
Start by searching for local firms in the IT recruiting space and then set up an initial meeting with those you feel fit. These meetings will give you great insight into what you can expect from the recruiters as well as allow them to review their recruitment process with you.

Did You Know?

VALiNTRYtechnology’s Net Promoter Score has averaged at least 3.5 times the U.S. staffing industry average in recruiter satisfaction for 2 years running and we have an overall score on Glassdoor of 4.8 (out of 5). Our exclusive technology talent database is over 3.2 million strong with roughly 6000 new resumes added per day, so our clients always have access to the best talent. Plus, VALiNTRYtechnology is one of only a few recruiting firms in the U.S. that is also a Silver Microsoft Partner and Salesforce Registered Consulting Partners.

Step 2: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Once you’ve engaged your IT staffing agency, it’s time to dive into the details. A good IT recruiter will ask lots of questions and discuss different scenarios to help you fill all your IT talent needs. Be sure to weigh all of your options and have answers for questions like:

  • Is the role full-time or part-time?
  • Will the employee be permanent or contract?
  • Would a consulting engagement or managed services arrangement make more sense?
  • What personality type best fits both the culture of your company overall and IT team specifically?

Anna Marcano, an IT recruiter at VALiNTRYtechnology, suggests you dig deep into “what you’re looking for both technically, functionally, and culturally.”
“Some clients are seeking candidates who are certified and experienced, while others are open to candidates with an aptitude to learn the company’s technologies, methodologies, culture, and other components on the fly.”

Anna also suggests “As a hiring leader, you should think about if you want a candidate who is a 100% perfect match on day one or if you would prefer someone who will grow into the role and the company long term.”

Your answers to questions like these will help your VALiNTRYtechnology recruiter uncover talent that not only fits your needs but also possesses the same values and objectives as your organization.

Step 3: Develop a Crystal-Clear Vision

Once you’ve answered all of the pertinent questions, it’s time to write and post your open position. Spend time creating a well-defined job description that clearly but succinctly outlines the scope and responsibilities of the role.
Be sure to include all the mandatory skills and certifications, as well as your preferred qualifications to help pre-screen out applicants who won’t meet your expectations.

Step 4: Ask Questions

Your VALiNTRYtechnology recruiter will update you as job seekers matching your criteria start to apply. Be sure to use this time to ask questions about their experience and credentials, and also ask the recruiter why they feel like the candidate might be a good match.
If you like the candidate on paper, then it’s time to set up the first interview to meet your potential new colleague face to face.
Use your VALiNTRYtechnology recruiter as a resource to develop and hone your interview questionnaire so the candidate can showcase their skills, experience, and personality. This will allow you to have a better understanding of whether or not they match the needs and culture of your organization.

Step 5: Give Feedback

Clear and frequent communication is the most important element of a successful relationship with any IT recruiter. That means you’ll want to touch base with them immediately following the interview to provide your team’s initial thoughts and impressions on the candidate.
In the ideal scenario, the interview showcases a perfect fit, and you can start discussing next steps in the hiring process.
If the candidate doesn’t impress you, help your VALiNTRYtechnology recruiter understand why they wouldn’t be a good fit. Remember, the more specificity you provide, the more likely it will be to weed out future job seekers with similar issues. A strong feedback loop is one of the most important pieces of the process that will give your recruiting team the proper tools to deliver the best applicant for the role.

Final Thoughts

Although there are both a tons of IT candidates and open IT jobs available, matching the right candidate to your positions can be complex and time-consuming.
Overcoming that complexity and time demand are just some of the many benefits to employers that choose to partner with a reputable IT staffing agency like VALiNTRYtechnology. These are firms who not only understand the Information Technology recruiting landscape but are also subject matter experts with access to the best talent.

With their help, you’ll be able secure a great candidate that leverages their skills, experience, and personality to help your company grow.

Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more about our IT staffing services today.

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