Why Your Organization Needs a Trusted IT Advisor

Relationship building is a critical component is in a longstanding, mutualistic relationship. To experience enduring success your organization must identify a trusted advisor who can help you navigate challenging situations and offer solutions. The role of trusted advisor means putting the client’s interests first, being invested in their business and being a credible source for them to rely on.

So, what is the best way to grow your business? Identify a trusted advisor.

Defining The Role of a Trusted Advisor

When a prospect is searching for a particular agency to work with to help them meet their needs, the answer is not always simple. However, it is important to identify an organization that can provide a trusted advisor. A trusted advisor understands the pressure that clients face to grow their organizations and to meet financial goals. They will ask the client about their aspirations and long-term needs and help generate ways for them to accomplish those goals.

Trusted advisors must have the unique ability to see the big picture. On a daily basis, they must learn new skills, find answers and develop strategies to help their clients succeed. They see things from a fresh perspective and will challenge your assumptions. Their role, is to do everything necessary to help your business thrive. In doing so, trusted advisors must leverage their expertise to help the management make informed business decisions. A trusted advisor should help your organization think through decisions while providing supporting information but leave the final decision up to you and your team.

Trusted advisors have a large potential to impact your organization. Trusted advisors help to:

  • Provide more complete solutions
  • Accelerate business development
  • Help organizations create a competitive advantage

What are some qualities that clients look for in a trusted advisor? Results from one survey convey that 48 percent of research participants said that “great communication skills” are a trusted-advisor behavior that their top consultants possess that their average performers don’t.

It also found that, “putting the client first” was brought up as a differentiator by 24% of the participants.

Participants listed the traits most important to them when identifying a trusted advisor:

  • Understanding
  • Consistency
  • Ability to remain calm
  • Reliability
  • Disciplined
  • Provide reasoning

To become a trusted business advisor, an organization must couple the delivery of data with interpretation and sound business advice. The end goal should be helping clients meet their needs and understand how these were met rather than just reviewing them. To do this, trusted advisors must:

  • Immerse themselves in your culture: From messaging to products and solutions, in order to provide sound advice and guidance trusted advisors must understand a company from the ground up.
  • Provide solutions: Avoid selling. Instead be proactive and provide solutions that clients may not have even anticipated yet.
  • Show examples of success: Demonstrate how they have achieved success for previous clients and leverage that for your company.
  • Deliver on what is promised: Meet deadlines and budgets and always follow up as promised. Trusted advisors should help your organization achieve set goals through strategic advice.

Trusted advisors have the experience, training, knowledge and subject matter expertise to advise your company. They have the keen ability to diagnose business problems and recommend the right solutions to improve your situation. Trusted advisors should make your team feel comfortable to reach for advice and accept or decline recommendations.

For example, trusted advisors don’t just provide data to a client and hope their client will be able to interpret it. A trusted advisor will include a written report that explains in plain language the metrics most important to the success of that company and answer any other questions that may arise. A trusted advisor should also be transparent, explaining rationale in why certain avenues are being recommended.

Conversations should also focus on the few, key performance indicators of your business and its wider industry. Interactions with should be informal, so that your team feels welcome to ask questions. Then based on these questions, trusted advisors can provide substantive advice to help grow your business.

The Importance of Values

One of the things that distinguishes VALiNTRYtechnology is that our business model is based upon our values. Our inverted organization structure, depicted in our logo as an green, inverted triangle, puts our clients, consultants and employees first while management is at the foundation supporting the team.

Our values are:

  • People First: We place our clients’ needs first, so their success becomes our success.
  • Trust: We are accountable to our clients and each other.
  • Teamwork: We build and nurture authentic relationships.
  • Innovation: We push beyond comfort zones to find the best solutions for the toughest staffing and technology challenges.

So how does your organization make an informed decision? Identify your organizational goals, then begin researching and interviewing. It is important to consider:

  • Reputation: Contact references and conduct research to identify any concerns
  • Expertise: Determine how expansive their id knowledge in your particular industry
  • Capabilities: Identify the amount of experience that they have with companies of your size

Constantly putting our clients first while empowering our employees to deliver unparalleled service allows our team members to become reliable, trusted advisors for your organization.

There are also many benefits of utilizing a trusted advisor, which include:

  • Save your organization money
  • Conduct assessments to determine areas of weakness and provide solutions
  • Educate members of your team
  • Ensure the compliance of your business

Our team members understand that earning the title of a trusted advisor is a privilege and should never be jeopardized. At VALiNTRYtechnology, our team understands that it takes a long time to achieve that level of confidence and just mere minutes to lose.

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