The Two-Pronged Approach to Technology Recruiting

No matter the job market, hiring is never simple. Finding a person with the right set of skills can be easy but can that person also seamlessly integrate with your organization’s culture? Not determining if a candidate fits both the job and your team prior to hiring can be a costly mistake in both time and treasure.

That’s why, at VALiNTRYtechnology, we take a two-pronged approach to recruiting for our clients. We combine high-powered, proprietary technology with the personal touch of expert recruiters to help you make the right hiring decision, the first time. How do we do it?

The Technology: V-FiTT

The V-FiTT technology is our proprietary recruiting system that helps generate qualified, 100% onshore candidates FAST!

A driving force of our recruiting capability is our proprietary V-FiTT technology. Early on in our recruiting endeavors, we realized that traditional methods of professional recruiting were extremely inefficient. They required employees to manually sort through individual resumes to parse out details that made a candidate qualified for a particular role. And while sites like Dice and Monster raised the bar for the whole industry with their candidate matching technology, they still required a significant amount of human effort to sift through all the data. So, we decided to streamline the process even further with our V-FiTT platform. Now we are the most efficient tech recruiting firm anywhere.

V-FiTT combines the power of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, real-time data analytics, and digital marketing to comb a constellation of job-hunting sites and compile candidate data with associated search terms. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking for the latest matches to our job descriptions. It focuses solely on technology experts and is constantly monitoring for updates to existing candidates’ profiles and availability.

Using this data, we’ve created an in-house database of over 4 million qualified technology candidates, and we add roughly 6000 new listings to that list every single day. V-FiTT enables us to work smarter and more efficiently to find ideal candidates for our clients, and we can usually do it all in half the time.

Yet, while we are always embracing technology, we strongly believe the importance of the human touch hasn’t changed. Yes, automation is important, but at the end of the day, we use automation to enhance the human element and achieve the best results.

The Personal Touch: Relationship Building

VALiNTRYtechnology recruiters Eric Lyublinsky and Anna Marcano build a strong rapport with candidates to ensure both skills and personality fit our clients’ needs.

Once we find a candidate that is at least a 75% match to a given job placement, we begin building a rapport with that candidate. We learn what the candidates are looking for in their next role, from the culture to pay rate. If we think they are a strong fit based on our knowledge of the client, we’ll present their resume to the hiring leader and start coaching them for the interview process. From resume writing to how to negotiate the offer, we offer candidates free advisory services to help them improve their job search skills.

These advantages are what separates us from other firms. We get to know the candidates, understand their skills and career goals, coach them, and match them with likeminded clients. And they help us create a strong stable of ready-to-hire candidates that few other firms have. So, if a candidate doesn’t end up fitting one client or is ready to make a move, we already know they will be a great fit for another firm.

Ready to Get Started?

Technology staffing requires technical expertise with a human touch. That’s why VALiNTRYtechnology is rated so highly versus our competition. Our proprietary V-FiTT system allows us to manage multiple, wide-ranging recruiting efforts simultaneously and find candidates fast. Our expert recruiters understand the unique business needs of our clients and match them with the diverse skills and personalities of our candidates. So, when you need to find an employee with specific technological expertise, you should work with someone who speaks that language and partner with a company with the technical expertise and in-house technology to get the job done right quickly and the first time… VALiNTRYtechnology. Contact us today to get started!


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